THERMASGARD® ATM2 - EtherCAT P - temperature sensors

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THERMASGARD® ATM2 - EtherCAT P - temperature sensors -available on preorder. For configurations and price, see the table displayed in Attachments, below.

External temperature measuring transducer connectable to the THERMASGARD® ATM2 network - EtherCAT P with M8 plug-in connector (coded EtherCATP), Bluetooth activated, in an impact-resistant plastic housing with quick-locking screws, optional with / without display and bar chart. The sensor on the wall is used to detect the temperature in the gaseous environment. It is used outdoors or in humid rooms, in buildings and greenhouses with cold storage, in the industrial sector and in agriculture. Installation on exterior walls is preferably carried out on the north side or in a protected place. In case of direct sunlight, the weather protection and sun visor hood WS 03 (accessory) must be used. The sensor is factory calibrated.


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