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Crepuscular relays

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  • Automatic staircase lighting TLA-1


    The automatic staircase lighting TLA-1 switches on the lighting for the preset time by pressing a button. Even if the keys are blocked, the device switches off after the set time without being damaged. The lighting time can be set from 0.5 minutes to 10 minutes. It is possible to connect buttons with glow lamps.

  • Automatic staircase lighting TLA-1/L


    Switching on lighting fixtures can result in very high inrush currents.

    A closing contact bounces 3-7 times until it closes completely. This creates an arc that can melt the contact surface. If the closed contact cools down, micro-welding can occur (contact sticks).

    To avoid contact sticking, relays with a leading tungsten contact are used.

    With this switch-on peaks of fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts and LEDs of 800 A / 200 µs or incandescent lamps of 165 A / max. 20 ms can be switched.

  • Automatic staircase lighting TLA-4


    The automatic staircase lighting TLA-4 includes 4 different operating modes, which can be set using the rotary switch on the front.

    With functions a, b, the operating time can be repeatedly extended by briefly pressing the control button(s). Each short press multiplies the time set by the potentiometer. The maximum value of the activation time thus extended is a maximum of 30 minutes, regardless of the number of presses.

  • Twilight switch with surface-mounted sensor DSE-1


    The twilight switch DSE-1 supplied with an light sensor for mounting on the wall.

    Via the external control input, the lighting can be suppressed e.g. with a digital timer for a pre-set time.