Hammers, pliers, axes, screwdriver kits, bits, masonry tools. drilling machines, angle grinders, car tools


  • Hand tools
    <p>Hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, trowels, chisels, drills, scissors.</p>
  • Power tools
    <p>Electric stationary machines, magnetic drilling machines, electric screwdrivers.</p>
  • Pneumatic tools
    <p>Pipe fittings and accessories, air preparation products, tire inflators, drilling machines, hammers and shells, grinders, pneumatic shears, grinding and polishing devices, screwdrivers, speed ratchets, pneumatic wrenches.</p>
  • Hydraulic tools
    <p>Hydraulic set for cutting nuts, pumps, presses, jacks.</p>
  • Lubrication equipment
    <p>Transparent lubricators, metal oil drums, lubrication pumps, pistols</p>
  • Magnetic tools
    <p>Magnetic trays, magnetic wands, magnetic blocks, button magnets.</p>

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