Hand tools

Hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, trowels, chisels, drills, scissors.


  • Soldering and welding
    <p>Tools and accessories for soldering, welding.</p>
  • Drills, taps, dies
    <p>Drills, cutters, cylindrical cutters, bimetallic cutters, drill and tap sets, deburring sets, threading sets</p>
  • Vise and clamping devices
    <p>Vise, shafts, pliers, nuts, washers, screws.</p>
  • Chucks and adapters
    <p>Chuck adapters, chuck wrenches, chuck accessories, automatic chucks, etc.</p>
  • Scissors
    <p>Bench shears, high power, safety, general purpose, etc.</p>
  • Abrasive materials
    <p>Discs, grinding stones, abrasive paper, felt, wire brushes, sanding strips.</p>
  • Saw blades
    <p>Pendulum, circular saw blades.</p>
  • Chisels
    <p>Chisels, straight chisels, hand chisels, chisels for drilling machines.</p>
  • Adjustable keys
    <p>Adjustable keys</p>
  • Nut cutters
    <p>Nut cutters</p>
  • Construction tools
    <p>Plates, trumpets.</p>
  • Crimping tools
    <p>Connectors, Crimping tools</p>
  • Wiring tools and cable...
    <p>Cable cleaners, wire cleaners, fiber optic pliers.</p>
  • Templates and probes
    <p>Measuring plates, depth templates, screw cutting templates, telescopic probes.</p>
  • Punchers
  • Technical files
    <p>Files, round manual files, precision manual files, semi-round manual files, file handles, etc</p>
  • Hammers
    <p>Hammers, spherical head, cross head, nylon face, soft face, brick, stone, split point carpentry and hammer handles.</p>
  • Painting and...
    <p>Scrapers, knives, brushes, roller, roller stocks.</p>
  • Tile cutters
    <p>Tile cutters</p>
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers and patents
    <p>Pliers and patents</p>
  • Knives
    <p>Cutters/ knives</p>
  • Saws
  • Torque wrenches and...
    <p>Torque wrenches and screwdrivers</p>
  • Riveting tools
    <p>Riveting tools</p>
  • Spark safety tools
    <p>Pliers, wrenches, hammers, chisels, handles, perforators, sockets, safety connections, screwdrivers</p>
  • Fixed keys
    <p>Combination, elbow, open, fixed, mini, ring wrenches, etc.</p> <p></p>
  • Clamps and accessories
    <p>Adapters, trainers, bars, wrenches, tubular heads, handles, tubular wrench kits, screwdriver tips.</p>
  • Pipe bending and...
    <p>Pipe cutters, hose cutters, mini pipe cutters, industrial cutters, etc.</p>
  • Tools and devices for...
    <p>Pliers, wrenches, vices, cradle sets, threading kits</p>
  • Tool pockets, covers,...
    <p>Tool pockets, covers, bags, cases</p>
  • Professional tools
    <p>Combination wrenches, open end wrenches, socket wrenches, hammers, pliers, movable cabinets, files, engineering measuring sets</p>
  • Sets of tools and...
    <p>Bags, sets of pliers and screwdrivers, tool set for engineers, tool set for mechanics, tool set for installers, tool set for technicians, tool set for electricians, etc.</p>
  • Woodworking tools and...
    <p>Drills, chisels, saws, blasting papers, drilling machines, wooden measurements, sculpture sets, tools for surface processing.</p>
  • Fasteners
    <p>Springs, nails, wrenches, boxes, dowels, fasteners, extension connectors, rings, sleeves, wedges, nuts, washers, screws, hexagon wrench sets, spring locks, pins, and pins</p>
  • Staplers
    <p>Staplers, stapler pliers, and punchers</p>
  • Tensioners and straps
    <p>Belts, band clamps, band seals and tensioners</p>
  • Lifting equipment
    <p>Flange for beams, sleeves, hoists, cable puller.</p>
  • Locks
    <p>Locks, main panels, locking systems, maintenance kits for locking, electrical locking kits</p>

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