Room temperature sensor or measuring transducer THERMASGARD® FSTM

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The THERMASGARD® FSTM / FSTM - P room temperature measuring transducer with in-wall housing and optional potentiometer is use for measuring room temperature and for setpoint adjustment. It converts the measured values into a standard signal of 0-10 V. It is equipped with a digital, long-term stable sensor for temperature measuring.

The in-wall transmitter is mounted either individually or in combination with light switches, socket outlets, etc. in high-quality panel switch brand programmes, such as preferably from Gira, Berker, Merten, Jung, Siemens or Busch-Jaeger (with in-wall adapters, no setpoint adjustment possible).


Voltage supply

24 V AC/ DC (± 10 %)

Power consumption

< 1.1 VA/ 24 V DC ; < 2.2 VA/ 24 V AC

Measuring range, temperature

0...+50 °C

Temperature deviation

typically ± 0.8 K at +25 °C

Output, temperature

0 - 10 V


digital temperature sensor,

low hysteresis, high long-term stability

Ambient temperature

storage –35...+85 °C;

operation 0...+50 °C


clean air and

non-aggressive, non-combustible gases

Electrical connection

0.14 - 1.5 mm², using plug terminals


plastic, colour pure white glossy (similar to RAL 9010)

(other colours are possible on request with colour variants

depending on the respective switch programme)


in in-wall flush box Ø 55 mm

Long-term stability

± 1 %/ year

Permissible air humidity

max. 90 % r. H., non-precipitating air

Protection class

III (according to EN 60 730)

Protection type

IP 20


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